6 Week Puppy Course


Puppy Course is a 6-week training course and each session will last 1 hour. Puppies need to be fully vaccinated and 20 weeks of age or under to start the course, so that all the dogs are at a similar stage of development.

The 6 Week Puppy Course will show you how to improve your puppy’s obedience and help him grow into a well-mannered, well-balanced and friendly pet.

Classes are small with no more than 8 puppies to ensure you get individual tuition and there is a relaxed environment. Puppies must be fully vaccinated in order to attend training and vaccination certificates must be brought to the first training session.

The sessions are a great way for puppies to meet other dogs, new people and learn the correct way to behave around them.

Classes are fun and stimulating for both puppies and owners, using only kind, fair and effective techniques that reward good behaviour.

With each course you get a booklet to guide you through the training exercises. Each puppy receives a certificate and rosette on completion of the course. There is also an opportunity to buy fantastic training aids, toys and books.

This is a 6-week course using reward-based training methods. Puppies must be on a normal lead and a flat collar or harness (no flexi leads). Please bring lots of tasty treats such as hot dogs, sausages, cheese, chicken or liver cut into tiny pieces.