4 Week Train and Play Course


The Train & Play Course is a 4-week course and each session will last 1 hour 15 minutes. Puppies and dogs all ages welcome. (This is not a socialisation class, please contact me if you feel your dog needs extra socialisation)

The 4 Week Train & Play Course will show you how to improve your dog’s connection and build a strong relationship. Teach you how to communicate and motivate your canine companion using a clicker toys and bucket loads of tasty food. You will learn how to shape, lure, capture and target behaviours. Work through problems, teaching more appropriate, incompatible behaviours while having fun with your Best Friend.

Classes are small with no more than 4 dogs to ensure you get individual tuition and there is a relaxed environment. Dogs must be fully vaccinated in order to attend training and vaccination certificates must be brought to the first training session.

The sessions are a great way for dogs to meet other dogs, new people and learn the correct way to behave around them.

Classes are fun and stimulating for both dogs and owners, using only kind, fair and effective techniques that reward good behaviour.